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KRISTA HEWLETT is the Founder of Our Story Magazine, a print and digital Christian magazine for women offering hope and inspiration for seasons of life and grace. Krista is known as a writer, speaker, creator, and friend who desires to see the gifts and voices of women amplified for kingdom purposes. She believes that women serving women is key to moving forward in our relationships, families, communities and that loving and serving one another begins with truly seeing each other.

When not writing, researching, or fostering one-to-one relationships, you will find her studying the weather, the movement of critters big and small, or gazing into the night sky trying to identify the stars and planets by name. Krista loves being ‘Nan’ to her baby boy’s baby boy and sailing with her husband. She often says she is more a thinker and studier than a writer, and studying the Bible is her absolute favorite.

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