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This printable is featured as a resource in iola: the fresh isssue, published March 2021. It is one of two companion resources to Krista’s article,  ‘A Breath of Fresh Air,' in the beautifully printed magazine.


Krista shares a story about a particular days thunderstorm, reminding us to stop and listen to the God of creation. He desires to reaffirm what He has been whispering to us all along. He is making all things new even when the storm feels scary and destructive at times. He can take any mark on our heart and turn it into something of beauty - like only He can.


He makes all things new.

No thing wasted.


No matter what we've been through, we can emerge from the rain with a fresh aroma of newness and life, as if walking through a meadow on a beautiful spring day. Then, we can be that breath of fresh air for others.


Let's display to the world that He renews desert places into beautiful, fruitful gardens. And, that when we see darkness, are hurting or feeling afraid, He sees the beauty in it all.


Keep this printable as a reminder. Tuck inside your planner or desk drawer, pin to a bulletin board or framed on your desk or wall. A simple and beautiful reminder of the greatness of God.

How Great Thou Art - Free Printable


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