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I always say it—I love what I get to do! I love sharing the gifts and voices of women. And I am beyond excited to share Issue No.3 of Our Story Magazine with you! The Summer Issue offers captivating photos, hope-filled articles, interactive activities, refreshing recipes, and more. And as always, we offer hope for your current season, grace for the hurting soul, plus inspiration for growth and fun!

And because Our Story is ad-free and sponsor-free, it is a great companion as you travel and explore this summer. This premium print collectible also makes for a lovely gift for your host or tucked inside a welcome basket for guests staying at your home.

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Sample Pages


Hope and inspiration for the season

Hope-filled articles, inspirational fiction, poetry, reflective journaling space, and a summer prayer. Plus, a summer weekend devotional for our seasonal feature.

For seasons of life and grace

Articles for life application, reflective journaling prompts, helpful tips for spiritual direction, living well, and maintaining healthy habits as we travel and explore this summer.

Share and embrace the season

Seasonal activities, recipes, crafts, games, gift ideas, and more. Plus, a featured entrepreneur!


  • 150 pages

  • 100% contributor content

  • Ad-free. Sponsor-free.

  • premium color

  • 8.5x11in

Our Story Magazine inspires women to lean in and listen to one another as we hear the Father beckon each tender heart to step out where He may be calling.

Sunshine beaches, refreshing treats, fun activities, and the idea of getting away tug at our hearts most during these summer months. As summertime excitement beckons you to explore, are you left looking on while others embrace freedom from life’s demands? Maybe you realize the hope you once had or dreams you once desired are now seemingly lost through life’s journey.

The season may be summer, but you may be in various seasons of life and grace. Are you a young professional at work and play, looking for harmony in all life throws your way? Are you a mom, nurturing family and home, desperately seeking inspiration for the weeks ahead? Maybe you see an empty nest, and life is moving too fast or too slow, and you are unsure what your next step should be.

Friend, we invite you to sit back and receive a piece of the collective hope found in Our Story Magazine. We desire to offer hope for your current season and grace for the hurting soul, as well as inspiration for growth and fun! Together, we are 19 writers and creatives from different countries, cultures, and generations who share a love of Jesus and a desire for each woman to feel seen.

We see you!

You matter!

Much love,

KRISTA HEWLETT is the Founder of Our Story Magazine, a print and digital Christian magazine for women offering hope and inspiration for seasons of life and grace. Krista is known as a writer, speaker, creator, and friend who desires to see the gifts and voices of women amplified for kingdom purposes. She believes that women serving women is key to moving forward in our relationships, families, communities and that loving and serving one another begins with truly seeing each other.

When she is not writing, researching, or fostering one-to-one relationships, you will find Krista studying the weather, the movement of critters big and small, or gazing into the night sky trying to identify the stars and planets by name. Krista loves being ‘Nan’ to her baby boy’s baby boy and sailing with her husband. She often says she is more a thinker and studier than a writer, and studying the Bible is her absolute favorite.

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