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Peace in the hustle & bustle. Time saving tips.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

“More than 60% of Americans buy their gifts a week before Christmas” (Fortunly, June 18, 2020). Add the events, baking, decorating, saying-yes-to-everything, and it’s the busiest week of the year.

Too often, we prioritize the expected norm. We add to our ever-growing list of to-dos, only to push Him out of the celebration. Sometimes, for things we don’t even care for.

Peace during this season, and always, is why Jesus came. In fact, at the cross, “The punishment that brought us peace was on Him” (Isaiah 53:5, NIV).

Peace and time are precious gifts. Considering that time is a non-renewable resource, managing it well is important, and we are asked to steward it wisely. See Colossians 4:5 + Psalm 90:12, for example.

Here are some ways I save time. . . and stress. . . and money. Maybe they will help bring peace to your hustle and bustle this year.


1. Get up at least 1-hour earlier.

  • at least a few days a week

  • especially before others in the household awake

2. Curbside pickup, EVERYTHING.

  • Groceries

  • Prescriptions

  • Yes, even gift wrap, stocking stuffers, and cards

3. Pre-made meals.

  • If you are not a meal-prep person, or want an alternative to fast food or drive thru, pick-up pre-mades from your local grocery store. Bonus points for using curbside.

4. Shop online.

  • Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more.

  • Most retail shops now have online shopping + free shipping/returns.

  • Support the Small Businesses that you know personally.

5. Phone etiquette – BEST TIP + EASIEST CHANGE.

  • Turn off notifications for social media.

  • Silence your phone (and yes, the vibrate too).

  • Keep your phone in the bedroom while wrapping, baking, decorating any lengthy task that does not require your phone.

We can be intentional, wise stewards; making the best use of the time He has afforded each of us. Let’s continually determine and apply ways that both propose + produce peace.

What do you prioritize in this season?

What time-saving tips do you suggest?

Please, share them with us.

Much love,

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