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What do you see?

I snapped this photo during a walk about our property. This area often brings life to many unexpected varieties of flowers and shrubs. It’s a pleasant surprise each year.

The previous owners carefully cultivated this land for more than six decades. I love to hear our neighbor’s stories of how the lady of the house had the most beautiful garden in the whole area. Every inch tended to with expert care. Vignettes here and there, all around. How wonderful it must have been to walk through this garden... her garden.

I am not a gardener. No green thumb here.

This area easily becomes a tangled mess, a full-on thicket really. Yet it boasts life with its vibrant yellows, reds, blues, whites, and many shades of pinks.

These weeds, as many would say, are beautiful.

The thicket can become an unruly eyesore in a way but I appreciate how it provides shelter for the birds and snuggy hideaways for the bunnies — a little rabbit jaunted across the garden as I made my way in closer to get this photo.

I admire how these yellow blossoms offer food for the bees and butterflies.

They may not be an elegant and bold variety but they serve a special purpose with a beauty all their own. I appreciate them and so do the many critters and creatures that also call this place home.

The potential they carry, the opportunities they make available for their humble surroundings — It’s the way to live in community and serve those near.

What about you? Any thickets in your yard? Do you have a favorite flower? Like to garden? Green thumb?

I’d love to hear your story.

Much love,

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